How do I add a countdown to my story on Instagram?

A promo tool to ignite the blaze, and start the fan craze. They’ll be counting down the days 🔥

Adding a countdown to your Instagram story can excite your fans for your upcoming release.

So, here’s how to add a countdown:

  • Log onto Instagram on your mobile device
  • Click on the Plus icon in the top right corner
  • Swipe across to Story
  • Take or choose a picture that relates to your new release – maybe a picture from recording or of an instrument!
  • Click on the sticker icon, the second icon in, in the top right hand corner
  • Search for Countdown and select

– Insert your Countdown name; this could be ‘New Release!’ or references to the title of the track/album
– Choose an end date and time, this will be when your release goes live
– Click Done!

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