How does Facebook monetisation work?

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Facebook monetization is very similar to YouTube Content ID where we don’t actually distribute your music there, we simply monetize any video that contains your audio. Therefore, distributing your release to Facebook through RouteNote will mean that videos on Facebook which utilise all or part your audio within it will be claimed on, which will generate you earnings.

If you would like your release sent to Facebook, when creating your release, make sure you check the Facebook box in the Select Stores section of your release.

Your release will have to be reviewed for eligibility before being sent to Facebook – this is because Facebook is a Content Recognition store. When checking if a release is eligible to be distributed to Facebook, we go by the same set of guidelines as YouTube’s Content ID system. Click here to view YouTube’s guidelines on what is eligible for Content ID.

Watch the video below for more on how to protect your music on YouTube & Facebook and make money!

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