What is a highlighted release on Deezer?

Deez tools couldn’t get any better 🙌

You can choose to highlight the releases you want to show off on your Deezer Artist page:

Deezer offers the option for artists to add releases as Highlights on Deezer artist pages.

If you’d like to highlight one of your releases, you’ll need to claim your Deezer artist page. You’ll then be able to amend your artist image and your bio for your page too.

Alternatively, please contact support@routenote.com with your Deezer artist page link and the UPC of the release you’d like highlighted and we will request this for you.

Please be aware that Deezer will automatically prioritise new music for 30 days after it’s release.

Your chosen highlighted release can be selected for as long as you like!

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If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with us!

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