What is AdSense?

A sense of belonging for those all-important ads 👪

AdSense is a programme created by Google, which provides a way for publishers to get paid from their online content. Specifically, it allows creators in the YouTube Partner Programme to get paid, and if you don’t have an account with Adsense, you’ll not be able to get paid your earnings from YouTube. Please note! If you distribute your content to YouTube using RouteNote, we collect these earnings for you which are reflected on your account 45 days after the month they’re earned in.

Adsense will select ads catered towards your content and regular visitors. The ads belong to advertisers, who pay different prices for various ads, so the amount that is earned will vary. AdSense will automatically select the ads that appear on your pages by using an ad auction; the highest paying ads will show on your content.

For help from YouTube on setting up an AdSense account to get paid on YouTube, click here.

For further info on AdSense for YouTube, from YouTube, click here.

And for further general info on how Adsense works from Google, click here.

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