If Content Recognition is blocked on my release, can I still distribute to YouTube Music?

The Content ID store door may be closed, but YouTube Music remains open 🔑

If YouTube Content ID, or Content Recognition stores (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok) are blocked on your release, the good news is that you can still distribute your release to YouTube Music.

This is because Content Recognition systems compare audio in their database against anything that’s already been uploaded. If the sample you’re using is already part of existing tracks online or could be obtained by anyone to use in their release, inaccurate matches and claims would be generated if a track using the same sample gets sent to Content Recognition stores. YouTube Music is separate to YouTube Content ID and doesn’t use these systems.

So here’s how to get your music on YouTube Music…

  • Sign into your RouteNote account
  • Hover over Distribution
  • Select Create New Release
  • Select YouTube Music in the Manage Stores section
  • Send to moderation for review

Read more on YouTube Content ID by clicking here for our blog post.

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