What is Spotify’s tab ‘Fans Also Like’?

More than just the fans that like it, RouteNote does too 😍

Spotify uses algorithms to connect the listening habits of fans to artist pages. If a number of fans who listen to one artist also listen to another artist, these artists will then appear on each others ‘Fans Also Like‘ section.

Which is great for fans discovering new music, and great for the artists getting more exposure through fellow artists pages.

Spotify have also mentioned they don’t just use streams to calculate these matches, they also use descriptions—using not just the content on Spotify but also on blogs, in magazines, and all the other places where music is being discussed.

In many cases, shared fans are the factor that carries more weight. But, new artists who might be enjoying a lot of press before a debut release also get a boost from shared descriptions.

Here are Spotify’s recommendations to help generate more data for your releases:

  • Be active on social media
  • Encourage fans to listen to your music, save it, and add it to playlists
  • Create and share artist playlists (Tip: Use descriptive titles. Add your music, songs you listen to, and artists similar to you.)
  • Add a descriptive bio to your artist profile

Find out more by visiting Spotify’s Help Section on Fans Also Like.

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